The Wallet Infrastructure You Need

Building virtual wallets for your applications just got easier! GetWallets provides developers easy API and tools to integrate wallets into their applications in seconds.

What you get with GetWallets

GetWallets offers a set of easy to use APIs and dashboard to easily integrate wallets into your applications.


Easy to use wallets API

There are a lot of wallets out there, but GetWallets is built specifically for developers. GetWallets provides virtual wallet APIs to allow developers to create and manage virtual wallets easily.

Create Wallet

Fund Wallet

Bank Transfer

Wallet To Wallet Transfer

real-time visiblity and expense

Enable your payment providers With zero code.

With GetWallets developers and businesses can easily enable their payment providersof their choice.

Switch between payment providers without writing a singe line of code.

Enable Multiple Providers

Switch Providers Instantly

No Code Required

real-time visiblity and expense

Analyze inflow and outflow of money within your wallets.

GetWallets dashboard gives an overview of all wallets activities within your application.

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